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BallAlong: A tennis ball with a collar and leash rope attachment for Dogs


Does your dog love tennis balls? Do you find yourself constantly searching for your dog's ball after it rolls under the couch or they leave it behind on a walk? In anxiety-filled situations, such as going to the vet or groomer, or meeting new people, does giving your dog a tennis ball help keep them calm?

BallAlong tennis ball comes with a built in, easy-to-latch attachment that can be connected to almost any dog collar or leash. The attachment prevents the ball from rolling away and getting lost, and also prevents the added expense of frequently buying new balls.

Normal tennis/toy balls get easily torn apart by dogs, but BallAlong's durable tennis ball is made of high-quality material. Tennis balls can be great for helping to relieve anxiety and stress and also help dogs overcome stressful situations (like a visit to the vet or groomer).  The tennis ball on the BallAlong is great for keeping dogs entertained. It is a perfect toy for dogs that love to play fetch or actively chew!  Please supervise during use and discard if the ball gets damaged.


  • LENGTH: the string/rope attachment for BallAlong is 4.5" long, which makes the perfect length for Small, Medium, or Large dogs!
  • EASY-TO-LATCH ATTACHMENT: The extra durable tennis ball comes with an easy-to-latch attachment that can be connected to any dog collar- small or large. 
  • RELIEVES ANXIETY AND FEAR: BallAlong is not only good for the physical health of your pet but may also help relieve anxiety and fear - just attach it to your dog's collar for vet visits, baths, nail trimming, meeting new people, and more!
  • DURABLE BALL: The tennis ball is tough and durable. It can survive fetching and chewing by your dog. You can carry the ball wherever you go and all you need to do is attach it to your dog’s collar. BallAlong is made of high-quality material that is perfect as a toy for your pet. Supervision recommended during use.
  • SUPERVISION: BallAlong is durable, but no dog toy is truly indestructible. For this reason, please discard when and if the BallAlong becomes damaged. No pieces or parts of BallAlong should be ingested. Always supervise your pet when any interaction is happening between your pet and BallAlong (whether fetch, play, or transit).


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