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Our Story

We are a dog-loving, family owned business based in Southern California. BallAlong was inspired by our sweet pup Nala Bear, who you'll find featured throughout the site.


In 2011 we rescued Nala, a 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, from a shelter where she ended up after months of abuse and neglect. It took a lot of love and nurturing to bring her back to health and earn her trust.  She was the sweetest pup and loved to cuddle and play with us, however, she remained scared and skittish when meeting new people. Over time we learned that tennis balls were a great resource to keep her distracted and entertained in uncomfortable situations, and they seemed to help ease her anxiety. Once we learned this trick, we began using tennis balls to help in any stressful situation - whether it was friends stopping by the house or taking a trip to the vet/groomer - and she responded so well!

The only issue: if Nala happened to bark or put the ball down for a moment, it would quickly roll away and she'd no longer have the comfort she needed. After years of this dilemma (and countless lost tennis balls) we decided to create a solution ourselves.  Over the next few years we worked tirelessly testing multiple prototypes and finally, BallAlong was born!

BallAlong is the only dog-approved tennis ball that has a durable string and collar attachment to ensure that your dog never loses their ball. We hope the BallAlong will bring both fun for your dog and convenience for you!

-Joe and Nala Bear, Owners of BallAlong

*BallAlong has several patents pending. For more information about BallAlong patents, licensing, and other information, feel free to contact us at  

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